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Tuesday, 03 Oct 2023
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Cock Plug with Head Harness SRW-JS300 $129.99 This is a very ornate piece of penis jewelry, integrating a urethral insert and cock head ring with harness. The 2 1/2 inch shaft glides down the very sensitive urethra producing a unique experience. A head harness prevents the plug from going further dow

D'Primer Penis Plug TBM-AC514 $34.99 This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight. The D-Primer bends with the body and is contoured with swells throughout the shaft for added sensations. A ring pull is attached at th

Flexible Penis Plug TBM-AA851 $179.99 This flexible plug allows you to enjoy the urethral sensations easily and comfortably! Often penis jewelry is very rigid and can only be inserted straight in. The Flexible Penis Plug features a plastic body with metal end pieces for flexibility to move wi

Libertine Faucet Plug TBM-XR-018178 $69.99 The Libertine Faucet Plug from Master Series: the exquisite art of urethral play is taken up a notch with the addition of six sprinkler holes to keep you completely satisfied!

Locking Deep Throat Prince Albert Wand AC117-std $179.99 Put your naughty boy on lock down with the Deep Throat Prince Albert wand! The sinister design of this device lets you inflict delicious torture on your lover while you remain in full control of his pleasure.

Penis Head Steel Ball Head Ring SRW-ST501 $44.99 Feel more during intercourse and when having an orgasm with this Steel Ball Head Ring! Simply place ring around your penis head, will fit nice and tight, and the ring along with the strategically placed ball will add pressure making for more intense orgas

Pierceless Prince's Wand SRW-RO101 $149.99 This Prince's wand can be used without piercing. The ring holds tight around the head of the cock while the shaft slides into the urethra. The hollow shaft allows the user to ejaculate or urinate while wearing it. It is made of stainless steel. Specifi

Prince Albert's Wand with Glans Ring SRW-VF339 $89.99 This penis jewelry is great to show off your un-pierced penis, the shaft is just under 3 inches long with a barely 0.3 inch tip for easy insertion into the urethra. Made from masterfully crafted steel the detachable glands ring fits around the head of you

Ruby Wave Urethral Anchor AC614-std $119.99 Offering both visual appeal, as well as functional urethral stimulation, the Ruby Wave is a smooth shaft, made of stainless steel.

Sadistic Penis Head Wand SRW-MO108 $199.99 The Sadistic Penis Head Wand is an insane product that acts as a prince wand, glans, ring, and CBT device. Most importantly, it looks impressive mounted on a cock in all of its stainless steel glory.

Silicone Cum-Thru Barbell Penis Plug SRW-AB945 $54.99 Many men are discovering the joys of urethral play. This silicone cum-thru penis plug gives the comfort of silicone with the appeal and stimulation of a plug. The plug is able to bend for maximum comfort and uses twin barbells for easy retrieval. The thru

Silicone Deluxe Cum-Thru Penis Plug SRW-AB946 $24.99 Enjoy the sensations of urethral play with the Silicone Deluxe Cum-Thru Penis Plug. This plug is a flexible and lightweight item that bends to fit comfortably in the urethra. It uses a D-ring for easy retrieval and has a thru-hole for ejaculation and urin

Surgical Lubricant 4oz SRW-VF619 $10.99 Surgical lubricant is ideal for use with medical equipment for those who want to engage in their sexual medical fantasies. It is a water-soluble material and acts as a cleansing agent. Size: 4 oz Tube Note: Packaging and manufacturer may vary.

The Cobra Penis Head Cap SRW-JS625 $129.99 Wrap yourself in a snake with this Cobra Penis Head Cap. Made to go around the top of your cock, the head of the cobra rests on the top of your head, does not insert, while its body wraps around the top of your shaft. This is a great piece for men looking

The Mortal Coil Sound TBM-AC458-SRW $99.99 Enjoy intense urethral sensations with the Mortal Coil Sound. The Sound is made of brushed stainless steel and uses progressive swells to increase the stimulation.

The Vexing Penis Jewel TBM-AC459 $99.99 The Vexing Penis Jewel is a stimulating sound that is made of brushed stainless steel and contoured with smooth swells. Insertion, into the urethra, will bring about intense, pleasing sensations.

The Wedge Penis Plug TBM-AA852-SRW $119.99 Add more excitement and pleasure to your penis with The Wedge Penis Plug. Made to fulfill all your needs, it gives you a nice sized plug to place into your urethra while the glans ring adds pleasure to your penis head!

Vibrating Urethral Pin TBM-AC555-SRW $99.99 On the face of it, urethral play can be a stimulating activity for both partners. The visual look and the sensational feel can be arousing when urethral play is included in sexual activity.

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